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It’s Summer – Try to Stay Cool

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

a hot sun Summer heat can cause damage to humans and houses.

It’s summertime in North Garland! That means it’s H-O-T. On top of being a concern for people’s safety, heat can also cause damage to your home – especially if you live in a more urban development without distance and trees to provide some relief from the sun. We’ve got some tips to keep both humans and their homes protected from extreme heat.

  • Stay inside on those super-hot days. Make sure your pets are also indoors – and that you are all hydrated. If you have to go outside - then loose-fitting, light-colored clothes are best, make sure to wear sunscreen and keep a water bottle nearby. If you’re at outdoor sporting events, an umbrella can also help block the hot sun.
  • If you are going to exercise outside – leave a wet bandana in the freezer overnight and wear it around your neck when out in the sun to help keep your temperature from rising too quickly. Heat exhaustion is no joke – and can lead to heat stroke which is life threatening.
  • When things get hot, they expand – and this includes hardwood flooring, doorframes, shingles, rafters and joists. This can cause doors to stick, sealant to stretch and shingles to crack. To decrease the impact of summer heat on your roof, you can install an attic fan, additional insulation or even ridge vents to help keep it cooler. We can’t say it enough but regular maintenance is key to avoiding damage in your home.
  • Excessive temperatures can also crack the paint on your door and/or home. Look for bubbling, chipping, and flaking paint after a stretch of 100+ degree days. There are special types of paints and finishes that can offer some protection from our Texas temps.
  • If you have a refrigerator in the garage, the compressor will work extra hard to keep its contents cold. Compressors get very hot when they run constantly and could become a fire hazard. Make sure there isn’t trash or anything flammable near your garage fridge and consider using a portable fan to reduce temperatures.
  • Cars parked in direct sunlight will heat up considerably and items inside can melt or even explode in some cases. Never keep an aerosol can in the car and avoid leaving cell phones, cameras or other small electronics in the car when you are not driving. Remember that the door handles, seat belt buckles and any metal surface will also get hot when in the sunlight. Using a sun-shade or parking undercover will help reduce the effects of heat on your automobile.

Stay safe and cool this summer – and remember you can call SERVPRO of North Garland if you experience fire or water damage in your home. Call us anytime at 972-496-2441.

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