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What is Black Mold?

10/4/2016 (Permalink)

Black around the rim of a bathtub. This is what Black Mold looks like. If you think you have it, call us.

Also knowns as Stachbotrys chartanum or Stachbotrys atra, is a species of toxic mold or fungus. This kind of mold survives and thrives off moisture areas. It appears dark greenish-black (sometimes gray) in color and no other mold looks the same. You might ask, well does it have an odor? Yes it does. It has a musty smell and if it is in one affected area, that area will smell the most but if it is in the air ducts, when the air is cycling through that is when you will smell it. You might also be wondering, well how does post help me in any way?

Wll September 29th is World Health Day according to Days of the Year and I want to bring to your attention the symptoms Black Mold causes for your safety. You know how it rained and some water came in through the walls and you have been putting off fixing it or calling someone to fix it? Well it is time to fix it. Like mentioned before, Mold grows and survives off moist areas and that drywall water damage is prime. Black Mold can causes serious problems in a person: respiratory distress, kidney discomfort, memory loss, excessive fatigue, immune system suppression and redness of the eyes, just to name a few.

After reading this you might be either scared and ready to fix any water damage you’ve been putting off, but slow down for a bit. Black Mold, if not contained properly, can cause bigger problems. If the affected area is in the bathroom and it is not contained and some black mold flies into the vents at home, now the whole house could be infected.

If you think you have Black Mold in your home or business, I recommend to call a professional mold remediation company to handle the problem. And as you know, SERVPRO of North Garland is certified to do this kind of job. If you have any questions or concerns about this topic, give us a call at 972-496-2441 and we will gladly help.

September 29th is World Health Day and we are concerned for everyone’s health. We want to make you aware of Black Mold for your safety.

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